The Complete List of 16 Alternatives to 123Movies

Since 123Movies was shut down, the users are looking for reliable alternatives with rich libraries of content and decent quality. Let’s make a list of 18 best websites you can use instead of 123Movies.

Upd 08.10.2019: 123Movies site came back online, and now it’s reachable by the link

Top 16 solutions you might want to check out

1. is the most popular option and the biggest selection of options.

2. B Movies is one of the biggest catalogs of films you can watch for free.

3. Solar Movie offers both films and their trainers for convenience.

4. reminds of Netflix a lot.

5. Snag Films has a great variety of well-known films and original content.

6. gathers the best movies of all times.

7. FMovies has lots of Hollywood and Bollywood movies.

8. Sony Crackle delivers original content in addition to many popular films.

9. stands out by excellent streaming speeds and high-quality films.

10. lets you stream films or follow other links with the content you need.

11. is full of classics but also adds new releases regularly.

12. MyDownloadTube allows both streaming and downloading the films and series.

13. Niter Movies requires a free account to access the content.

14. is very simple and has lots of newly released films.

15. delivers plenty of additional information like the duration of the film, its plot, etc.

16. has neatly organized content and convenient filters.